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Well Service Plunger Packings

We manufacture and design well service packings to suit specific well conditions and operating parameters which includes packings made out different materials such as Nitrile, HSN/HNBR, Aramid fabric / HNBR composite, neoprene, flour elastomer, polyurethane, and filled PTFE blends. Our pressure rings, header rings and female adapters are designed to retrofit current plunger sizes and designs, or we can engineer a custom solution to fit your unique design.

  1. Retrofit current plunger sizes and designs
  2. Custom designs available
  3. Complete packing component assemblies available including custom machined lantern rings, spacers, etc.
  4. Wide range of materials including NBR, HSN/HNBR, CR, FKM, PTFE, Polyurethane formulations, for water and water-glycol resistance and longer wear
  5. Available for normal to ultra-high temperature, pressure and stringent conditions of well service requirements such as chemically aggressive and highly abrasive oil field media.

We also offer superior well service packings in Kevlar which has superior longevity, it has abrasive resistance, and also resists nibbling and extrusion.

  • Fracturing Pumps
  • Water injection pumps
  • Dosing pumps
  • Acid Pumps and any Well service Pumps.

RRP specially develop piston packing, valve insert and other products. It has acid/ sandy resistance, high pressure resistance, long life characteristics etc. Our seals are widely applied in different working conditions in the oilfield. We manufacture replacement valve inserts and bonded valve inserts for all applications. Industries uses the latest urethane compounds available for standard service and Hi-Temp applications.

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