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RRP Desander are designed to efficiently remove drilled solids and sand particle sized solids (40-100 microns) built on heavy duty oil field type skid. RRP desanders are easier to operate and maintain with the flexibility of mounting one, two, or three desander cones over a cone underflow pan. RRP desanders are having 12” hydrocyclones, in capacity ranging from 500 GPM to 1500 GPM at 75 feet of head.
RRP Desander incorporates 12” cones, which are manufactured using special grade of cast urethane, highly resistant to heat, abrasion, chemicals, wear, tear, oil and water. The feed entry angle is designed in such a way to generate greater centrifugal force to ensure effective removal of drilled solids from the drilling fluids, ensuring reduction in the loss of costlier drilling fluids. The 12” hydrocyclones are attached to 8” or 10” manifold with a 4” inlet and 6” outlet. Each cone assembly comes with a 1.5” apex. The apex of sizes 1.75” and 2.125” are also available.

  1. RRP Desander’s are suitable for application in minimum and maximum ambient temperature range from 6 to 55 degrees centigrade.
  2. Our desanders are suitable for drilling fluids with mud specific gravity from 0.9 to 2.6 and API funnel viscosity 35-100 seconds/quart.
  3. Suitable for drilling mud operating temperature up to 90 degree centigrade
  4. The equipment removes sand particle sizes up to size 74 micron from the drilling fluid.
  5. Capacity of Desanders: 500 to 1500 GPM, Depending on number of cones installed. Each cone has capacity to desand 500 GPM mud.
  6. Pressure Guage type: Bourdon type
  7. Inlet & Over flow discharge headers pipe connection: 10”/8”
  8. No of Hydrocyclones: 1/2/3 nos.
  9. Size of cones (diameter): 30.5 cm/12”
  10. Victaulic couplings : 8” with welded sub ends
  11. Skid type: Heavy duty oilfield type skid
  12. Specified capacity of the desander shall be at 2250 cm/75 Head
  13. Weight: 500 Kgs approx.

Cone Unit – P 691 – XXX
2 Cone Unit – P 584 – XXX
3 Cone Unit – P 606 – XX X

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