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Well Servicing Products

Tubing stripper rubbers have been used for decades to help provide safe and cleaner working environments when running or pulling tubing string. As tubing goes in or out of the hole it is wiped by the short halls or other stripping rubber to minimize fluid waste. The Hall Housing is used to hold the housing to help provide a clean and safe working environment. As moving tubing string through the Hall the housing secures the Halls in place to reduce movement of the halls.

Our Rod Stripper Rubbers efficiently remove oil and other fluids from the rod string being pulled from the well. The special abrasion and wear-resistant rubber compound used in the stripper rubbers assures maximum product service life.
Available in Rod sizes ranging from 5/8″ to 1″. Specials sizes can be developed upon request.

RRP Oil Saver Rubbers are made from specially formulated compounds which are tough and have a long life. These are molded from a special compound of oil, gas and abrasion-resistant rubber for long service life. We manufacture compatible Oil Savers to OEM such as Guiberson and Oil States.
Oil and other fluids are removed from the wireline and allowed to re-enter the well, which helps prevent potential well-site contamination. Our savers are supplied in different colours viz red, green, blue etc. They are made of hardness ranging from 35° to 55° A.

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