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4″ UT 4 MI Swaco Type Desilter Replacement Part For Mongoose Pt Mud Pump

RRP manufactures MI SWACO type UT4 Desilters which are used extensively to remove silt sized particles smaller than 74 microns, but larger than colloidal particles of 2 microns. These Desilters remove nearly all particle sizes larger than 25 microns.
The UT-4 twin clone hydrocyclones are manufactured using high quality polyurethane with long wear life and corrosion resistance. Each Twin Cone consists of two numbers 4’’ hydrocyclones with common feed rate of 150 GPM at 45 PSI feed pressure. Our Hydrocyclones are 100% equivalent MI-SWACO type Desilters and it is interchangeable to the OEM replacement parts. Each polyurethane 4’’ cone processes 150 GPM mud at 45 PSI feed pressure. Please find below the schematic representation of the 4’’ Hydrocyclones of MI SWACO type design.
The twin cones hydrocyclones design provides easy replacements of Urethane wear resistant feed and apex sections. Usually the Desander mud’s are feeded to the Desilter to achieve maximum desilting. If a Desander is not operating ahead of the Desilters, it will perform 1st as a Desander to remove particles larger than 74 microns first and then it will start to desilt. This process is not recommended.
The field engineer should be trained properly to understand the properties of Desanders and Desilters. Efficient utilisation of Desander and Desilter will reduce the solid content of the fluid. This helps in increasing the penetration rates and improves well bore conditions and reduces pump maintenance.

Note : The brand names and OEM part number mentioned are for identification purpose only.

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