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MI Swaco Type Desander Replacement Parts For Mongoose Pt Mud Pump

RRP manufactures MI SWACO type Desander which is used extensively to remove sand particles larger than 74 microns from Drilling Fluid. Our Desander removes 95% of particles larger than 74 microns and upto 50% to 40 microns.
The Desander can efficiently function to handle any combination of rig pump and sand conditions. Our 12’’ Desander Cone reduces the sand content to a trace in normal drilling fluids. The Desander Cones are manufactured using high quality polyurethane which are extremely durable with long service life expectancy. The cones manufactured by us have superior wear resistance upto 3 times the service life of conventional rubber lined metal Desander units. The cones are casted in four polyurethane sections to counteract the uneven wear characteristics caused by sand and abrasive cuttings, during the flow in the feed unit.
The hydrocyclones sections are joined together by a stainless steel quick release clamp which makes handling installation and maintenance easier and minimises down time. The inlet or feed section is designed to reduce potential turbulence when channeling the slurry into the cone and preventing it from mixing back into the morning feed.
The specifically tapered cone separates the fine solids and fluid from the large size sand and cuttings and delivers them to the return outlet for reuse and discard the sands and cutting through the outlet port.
Our Hydrocyclones are 100% equivalent to MI-SWACO type Desander and it is interchangeable to the OEM replacement parts. Each polyurethane 12’’ cone processes 500 GPM mud at 45 PSI feed pressure. Please find below the schematic representation of the 12’’ Hydrocyclones of MI-SWACO type design

SWACO 12’’ Urethane Desander Cone

Specification for 12’’ MI SWACO Desander Cones:

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