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Drill Pipe Protector

RRP designed one-piece Drill Pipe Protectors are manufactured by using high quality spring steel cage bonded with superior quality elastomer having horizontal internal grooves. This provides greater gripping power to the protectors while retaining its shape. Spiral fluted design allows streamlined flow of the drilling fluid causing least damage to the elastomeric portion.

  • 360° of uniform grip for the stronger holding of casing and tubing ends.
  • Maintenance free, as there are no moving parts.
  • Suitable for all types of threads hence flexibility in operation.
  • Easy installation and release as operated by air.
  • Available for different duty condition e.g. suitable for cold weather, tropical weather and for other customer specific demands.

RRP manufactures both Fluted Type Drill Pipe Protector and Smooth Type Drill Pipe protectors which give the best wear performances. Along with the protectors a hinge is provided for easy opening and fast installation.

Split-Smooth Drill pipe / Casing Protector are best suited for applications where circulation is not a problem. The OD of the protector is much smaller so the mud can pass through the annulus.

Split-Fluted Drill pipe / Casing Protector are best suited for applications where there are high circulations of mud. In fluted design the OD of the protectors are bigger hence making it more shock absorbing and the fluted space on the outer surface of the protectors helps the mud to pass through the protectors easily.

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