Valve Assemblies

RRP manufactures a wide range of valves and seats in both Full Open and Stem Guided designs, for various models of pumps manufactured by NATIONAL, OILWELL, GARDNER DENVER, EMSCO and others. RRP also offers individual valve parts such as springs, inserts, seats, discs, nuts etc. The valves are offered with the following options in API-4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 configurations.

  • STEM-GUIDED Valves & Cross-arms Seats Valve Assembly also known as Supreme Valve, Stem Valve, 4 lug seat, cross arm seat, 4 web seat consisting of Valve Seat, Valve Body, & Valve Insert are available for different API valve pot sizes. Special care is taken for the dimensional matching of valve seat and valve body working angles for ensuring very high life even under extreme working conditions. Valve Insert is made out of high quality polyurethane material capable of operating in fluid temperatures of up to 220˚F.Our super-premium stem guided valve with 4 ribbed seat incorporates several improvements and innovations for that extra life. The extra wide seat facilities high strength circular I-beam construction which reduces the seat area blocking the flow path. Valve is offered with standard replaceable urethane insert, held in place by a heavy lock-nut.Available in sizes API-4 API-5 API-6 & API-7 and is interchangeable with the Harrisburg Imperial and the Mission Supreme valve assembly.

  • Also known as Nova Tech Valve or Roughneck Valve or High Pressure Valve. Full open Seat & wing guided Valve design features a large metal-to-metal bearing area for long life, directly casted urethane insert on valve body results in a perfect round shape that prevents premature failures of the insert. The insert is casted around the serrations, thus failure due to tears from the serrations are eliminated Most importantly the insert is not stretched over the valve during installation; there are no residual stresses left, to shorten insert life.
  • Urethane bonded insert offers increased resistance to water , synthetic and oil based drilling fluids and is capable of operating in fluid temperatures of up to 220˚F (104˚C) while maintaining superior resistance to tear and extrusion
  • Available in sizes API-6 & API-7

  • Four-wing guided valves and full open seat features greater fluid flow through the full open seat. The full open seat provides easier valve maintenance and seat pulling.
  • Innovative one piece forging valve design eliminates snap rings, plates or keepers to ensure reduced maintenance time. Snap-on valve insert helps easy installation. This combination handles lost circulation material better than most conventional style valve and seat while the seating angle greatly improves flow characteristics and the heavy-duty parts improve service life.
  • Snap-on urethane nsert offers increased resistance to water, synthetic and oil based drilling fluids and is capable of operating in fluid temperatures of up to 220˚F (104˚C)
  • Available in sizes API-6 & API-7

  • Also known as Service Master Valve, full open seat. Our state-of-the-art wing guided valve assembly allows increased fluid flow through its full open seat, which also provides for easier valve maintenance in valve-over-valve fluid ends. The innovative uni-body valve design eliminates snap rings, plates, or keepers, reducing maintenance time. They are available with replaceable snap-on urethane insert capable of operating in fluid temperatures of up to 220˚F . This valve is fully rated for continuous service at 7500 psi and has the largest metal-to-metal bearing area in the industry. Available in sizes API-3, API-4. API-5. API-6 & API-7 and is interchangeable with the Harrisburg Roughneck / mission master series valve assembly.

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