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10″ Kemtron Type Desander Replacement Parts

derrick desander
RRP manufactures replacement parts for 10’’ KEMTRON Hydrocyclones which are 100% equivalent to the OEM parts.
RRP make 10’’ Desanders are manufactured using high quality polyurethane that has excellent resistance to heat and abrasion. These Desanders offer operators very high volume 500 GPM cones where Feed is tangentially blended into the cone entry as a narrow rectangle. This design minimises the turbulence in the upper section of the cone, allowing the solids to clean move to the cone wall.
The 10’’ Desander cones are divided into three easy to replace or service sections which are held together by stainless steel clamps. The joints between each of the sections are metal reinforced. The Victaulic grooved connections for the feed and overflow are steel reinforced and the vortex finder is steel lined. The Apex is available in sizes 1’’, 1.375’’ and 1.5’’.
The Kemtron equivalent Desanders make separation between 40 to 100 micron. Each 10’’ Desanders processes 500 GPM at 75 feet of head.

Note: The brand names and OEM part number mentioned are for identification purpose only.

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