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HT 400 – Plunger Pump Parts

We manufacture aftermarket replacement fluid end parts for HT400 cementing plunger pumps. This includes Suction Valve Assembly, Discharge Valve Assembly and Plunger Packing Assembly. Fluid End Expendables for HT 400 Pump available for Plunger sizes 3.3/8”, 4.0”, 4.5”

High quality plungers engineered to precise dimensions with galvanized hard chromium coatings of 50 micron thickness (59-63 HRC). They may also be manufactured for a premium performance with tungsten carbide coatings (70-74 HRC) and polished working surfaces. Minimum service life of such plungers is 350 to 500 running hours. This plunger may be used in aggressive environments like solutions of HCL acids. Suitable for working pressure 1150 atm and operating temperature 0 to 120 ºC.

The Valves and Seats are manufactured with high quality alloy steel which are exposed to thermal treatment. Performance characteristics of our valves and seats outlast local alternative products enabling to reduce time between repairs and repair cost. Valve sealing inserts is manufactured with high quality Urethane which is having superior resistance to oil, petrol, acid.
N.B. : Custom manufacturing of parts can also be done on the basis of drawings or sample for other plunger pumps.

We manufacture well service packings to suit specific well conditions and operating parameters which includes packings in different materials such as NBR, HNBR, Kevlar fabric / HNBR composite, flouroelastomer, urethane and PTFE blends. Our pressure rings, header rings and female adapters are designed to retrofit current plunger sizes and designs, or we can engineer a custom solution to fit your unique design.

  1. Retrofit current plunger sizes and designs.
  2. Complete packing assemblies available including Brass lantern rings, spacers, header ring, pressure ring, top adaptors, wiper rings
  3. Complete packing component assemblies available including custom machined lantern rings, spacers, etc.
  4. Available for normal to ultra-high temperature, pressure and stringent conditions of well service requirements such as chemically aggressive and highly abrasive oil field media.

  • Fracturing Pumps
  • Water injection pumps
  • Dosing pumps
  • Acid Pumps and any Well service Pumps.

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