JFD Design Packings

JFD Design Packing

JFD Design Packing

  • J-Design is a seal ring solution geometrically designed to resist over-tightening, which leads to premature seal failure.
  • The dual-design seal ring has a rigid thermoset plastic core that resists crushing, and is surrounded by tough, yet flexible sealing lips that won’t tighten when the packing is adjusted.
  • Longer packing life results in reduced maintenance cost.
  • The J-Design has initial interference and is pressure actuated.
  • Adjustment of the packing is only to secure the packing in the stuffing box to prevent movement. This easy-adjustable packing has gained acceptance to the point of standardization by plunger pump manufacturers.
  • The sealing lips are backed-up by rigid plastic or composite adapters designed especially to work with the J-Design packing assembly.
  • This combination of construction features prevents the usual nesting and crushing that may result from excessive gland or fluid pressure


  • Adapters for V-Packing
  • Adapters for other configurations
  • Anti-extrusion devices
  • Engineered packing assembly components

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