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Casing Thread Protector

Casing Thread Protector

Product Description

Clamp On Casing Thread Protector

RRP Clamp type Casing Thread Protector is available in both high quality urethane and superior grade of tough polymers. They are bonded on special steel cage for the greater grip. The Casing Thread Protectors have specially designed steel handles, which ensures quick gripping and removing from the casing threads.

Features :-

  • RRP Casing Thread Protectors is easy, safe and reliable to Operate.
  • RRP Casing Thread Protector eliminates abrasion on the threads of the casing pipe while casing lowering and guarantee total threaded ends protection against bumping and stresses that may occur during handling.
  • RRP Casing Thread Protectors have more holding power. The steel cage compresses the polymer onto the casing pipes by means of a steel clamps, putting more force into the holding power of the protector.
  • RRP Casing Thread Protectors are more durable and easy to operate than Klepo air-operated casing thread protectors which is susceptible to get damaged from any sharp/ pointed objects which might come across during handling on the rig sites.
  • RRP Casing Thread Protectors provide a 360° grip with greater, evenly divided holding power.
  • RRP Casing Thread Protectors rugged construction and choice of polymer makes the protectors resistant to rough handling for a longer life cycle.

RRP Thread Protector (Air Operated) are avaliable in sizes :-​

Note: RRP Casing Thread Protectors can be used on all API and premium threads.


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