Pulsation Dampners and Stabilisor Sleeves


RRP Pulsation dampener also called Elastomeric diaphragms (bladder) is designed as a single unit to give maximum service life in comparison to the conventional bladders, which have pre-vulcanized sections and provide low service life. The bladders while flexing, tend to fold rather than wrinkle, thereby reducing the points of stress concentration and practically eliminating elastomeric fatigue. Also the extrusion through the bottom flange connection is prevented by molding a steel insert into the middle of the diaphragm.

RRP dampeners are manufactured using a blend of hydrogenated nitrile rubber, which is suitable for water and most hydrocarbons with a continuous operating temperature range of -25° to 210°F.

They are available for Oil Well / National and Other Mud Pumps suitable for models K-10-5000 and K-20-5000 of Hydril, dampeners.

Stabilizer sleeves for K10 and K20 style also available separately for the bladders.


Pulsation Dampners and Stabilisor SleevesPulsation Dampners and Stabilisor Sleeves



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