Aluminium Core Cementing Plug

RRP Conventional Aluminium Core Cementing Plugs

RRP cementing plugs feature five wiper rubber coated aluminum core available in 5” to 20” casing sizes, engineered for strength and dependability down a big hole. The plugs are manufactured in natural/ nitrile rubber with rupture diaphragm at 300psi differential. The operating temperature of the plug is upto 350° F and is PDC (Polycrystalline diamond compact) drill-able. These plugs are Compatible with virtually all common fluid systems. The usage of aluminum core in the plugs eliminates distortion from pressure in a deep hole and gives firm support to a long column of cement slurry.


  • Deep cup design
  • Greater wiper contact area
  • Greater wear resistance
  • Completely PDC drillable
  • Withstand high –temperature and high pressure
  • Covers greater weight range per size
  • We manufacture Cementing Plugs in different sizes from 1/2”, 5.1/2”, 7”, 9.5/8”, 13.3/8”(Available in Aluminium core), 16”, 18.5/8”, 20” (Assembled type with Aluminum core only) in natural / nitrile rubber and HNBR covering.
  • High temperature application plugs are also available

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